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The combination of nickel and cobalt in the alloy gives it unique technological parameters. A variety of materials with such a basis is multimet n155. The double foundation Ni + Co, additionally doped with a number of chemical elements, became the basis of a strong and heat-resistant alloy designed for operation in harsh industrial conditions.


According to its type, this material refers to hardened steels on a nickel base. Due to the unique composition, multimet n155 has a significant resistance to corrosion, differs from its analogues by its higher strength characteristics and the ability to work at high temperature values of the working area, without reducing the basic useful qualities. The additional doping with tungsten and molybdenum led to a significant increase in the initial characteristics of the alloy, while maintaining the stability of its shape even under considerable load.

Percent composition
carbon manganese silicon chromium nickel molybdenum cobalt titanium tungsten nitrogen
0.08−0.16 1.0−2.0 1.0 20−22.5 19−21 2.5−3.5 18.5−21 3−3.3 2−3 0.1−0.2

Application of

Due to its satisfactory weldability, the multimet n155 can be used to create welded structures designed for heavy duty modern production. A variety of products from sheets, strips and plates, to forgings, pipes, flanges or fittings will easily solve the design problem of any complexity. With a large selection of standard sizes, it is possible to produce semi-finished products according to individual drawings. The main field of application of this type of alloy is aviation. After all, the structural elements of the turbine-type engines undergo serious, varied loads during operation. And only the high reliability of equipment made from a unique nickel alloy and its ability to provide a long-term maintenance-free operation in the most difficult conditions can guarantee the performance of modern aircraft.

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