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The name of the metal is of German origin. The name of Kobold miners of the Ruhr called harmful cave dwarf that hides ore, but instead slips waste rock, hornblende. The fact that cobalt ore is rich in salts of arsenic. During roasting of such ores is allocated volatile toxic oxide, causing poisoning of the workers. Swedish chemist G. Brandt, who studied these ores in the 30-ies of the XVIII century were able to identify the unknown metal called cobalt. Cobalt salts give the glass a blue tint — it was known in ancient Babylon and Assyria.

physical properties

Cobalt is a ferromagnet, the Curie point is equal to 1121 °C. This solid metal with a steel gray tint, has two modifications: alpha-modification stable under normal conditions up to t°427°C. At a higher temperature, the metal structure becomes face-centered cubic lattice and enters the β-modification, which persists up to t°1120°C.


Alloying with cobalt increases the resistance and greatly hardens the steel. Cobalt alloyed tool alloys for the manufacture of cutters, drills, etc. as Cobalt is part of the permanent magnets together with chromium and vanadium. Due to the magnetic properties, the alloys of cobalt are used in cores of electric motors and transformers, as well as in the equipment of magnetic recording. Siliceous cobalt is a great material for highly efficient thermal power generators. Cobalt lithium — serves as a positive electrode in lithium batteries. The radioactive isotope cobalt — 60 is used in the g-flaw detection and medical diagnostics. It is also used as a source of ionizing radiation in the reactors.

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