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High resistance to degradation, due to interaction with an aggressive environment, allows the alloy XH58B to be classed as corrosion-resistant. This quality is explained by the content of nickel in the material, which forms a thin, but strong oxide film on the surface of the semi-finished product, provides reliable protection against external unfavorable factors. Therefore, alloys of this type are mainly used for the manufacture of various structures by a welded method, the working conditions of which are associated with a constant interaction with corrosive media, such as nitric or phosphoric acid.


Percentage of chemical elements in accordance with GOST 5632−72
silicon carbon iron manganese Phosphorus sulfur nickel tungsten chromium
Up to 0,15 Up to 0,03 Up to 0,8 Up to 1 Up to 0,015 Up to 0,012 55.493−60.5 0.5−1.5 39−41

Technological parameters

Weldability Necessary operations
The material refers to the type of alloys difficult to weld Before welding, the contacting surfaces are heated to two hundred or three hundred degrees. After welding, to improve the characteristics of the seam zone, the semi-finished product undergoes high-temperature annealing.
Alloys of limited welding type A quality welded joint may be obtained after preheating the contacting surfaces to one hundred and one hundred and twenty degrees on a Celsius scale and performing the final heat treatment of the seam zone, after completion of the welding work
Raw materials, not having restrictions on welding Preliminary preparation is not required for high-quality welding
Mechanical properties
Name of the characteristic Symbol Numeric value
Sheet according to GOST 24982−82
Limit of proportionality (yield index for deformation of residual type), MPa ST 345−390
Short-term strength (limit value), MPa Sv 740
Relative elongation at breaking strength,% D5 35
Heat treatment Tempering at temperatures from 1050 to 1090 degrees Celsius

Physical properties

Name of the characteristic The numerical value of the parameter
Temperature measurement (T), ºC 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 20
The coefficient of linear expansion, measured at a temperature of 200 ºC (аx106), 1 / deg 15.5 14.5 14.1 13.8 13.4 12.8 12.4 11.7 10.8

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