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Rolled rings with a minimum allowance for further processing, to produce gidrobiontov presses with a force up to 2500 TF and forging machines with force 630 TC. The linear dimensions of forgings up to 300 mm. Raschetny mill RAW 315/260 and press with a force of 4000 of the vehicle for the forging produces solid-rolled rings weighing over a ton, Ø to 2 m of wrought alloys.


Rolled rings needed for the manufacture of impellers of centrifugal pumps, separators, centrifuges etc. for hydrometallurgical equipment and processing plants. Rolled rings serve as the basis for the production of bearings, moving parts small and large mechanisms engineering.


A varied assortment of ring blanks and quality rolled rings (forged, extruded — all of the profiles, according to 1−90084−80 OST, OST 1−90396−81 of structural steels and titanium alloys) in stock LLC «_" comes the wholesale and retail parties. The timing of orders is minimal.

Products: rolled rings
Diameter in mm Height in mm Weight in kg
Internal Exterior
Ø 200−1790 Ø 340−2000 60−300 35−620

Ring blanks are supplied with an allowance of ±6−10 mm in «draft» form complete with details and all kinds of necessary control tests. The quality of the billet meets the requirements of the standard. Under the order is the final heat treatment. Offers rings, casting, stamping is made on the submitted drawings on the unique specialized equipment. All batches of products meet the requirements of quality standards. In the certificate marked with the number of drawings, name, details, manufacturer, grade, number of melt, chem. the composition and the results of additional tests.

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Consistently high quality and a large selection of rolled rings of various sizes in stock, LLC «_" will help to implement any production problems. Reasonable prices and a wide range of steel products, will make your purchase convenient and comfortable. Full compliance with the requirements of the normative documentation for products that will provide long-term trouble-free operation of the whole complex of the industrial equipment. In the absence of the range of rolled rings of the required parameters can produce on the submitted drawings.