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Steel grade XH28VMAB belongs to the category of highly alloyed alloys, which is also known as EP126. In addition to chromium, iron and nickel, which form its basis, the composition includes a number of additional alloying elements that significantly increase the initial quality of the material and ensure the stability of its performance characteristics. Silicon, manganese, tungsten and molybdenum are used for alloying, as well as a small amount of phosphorus and sulfur.


The most important characteristics of such material as alloy ХН28ВМАБ include its high heat resistance and heat resistance. These qualities make it possible to use semi-finished products made from such raw materials in heavy industrial conditions with a significant excess of normal temperature conditions. Thanks to the optimal technological and operational parameters, such material actively resists the influence of most harmful industrial factors, ensuring the reliability and durability of the operation of important equipment.


During the production of steel products of this brand, the temperature of hot working is reduced from 1170 degrees at the beginning of the production process to 850 ° C at the end of the procedure. Products from this alloy is represented by a rather large assortment of products for various purposes from the circle, pipes, strips, wires to the details of the most complex shape.

Tubular products

A very popular variety of products of this brand is the pipe. In general, these semi-finished products have a circular cross-section, although today you can order pipes of oval, rectangular and square cross-section. According to their basic performance characteristics, such pipes are divided into six types, or classes. The higher the class index, the higher the performance for all operational parameters. These properties are directly related to the production technology and the chemical composition of the alloy, both qualitatively and quantitatively. The increase of technological and operating parameters is provided by varying the content of chromium and nickel in the material. It is also worth noting that the HN28VMAB pipe has the widest range of geometric characteristics, both in length, and in diameter and wall thickness.

Application of

The sphere of application in which the ХН28ВМАБ pipe will be used directly depends on the index of the product class. So products with a class index one are claimed as capsules for placing a cable in the construction of various buildings and structures, and similar products can be used in the manufacture of building racks and scaffolds, as irrigation structures and for transportation of liquid media in the system of supplying water or heat to apartment houses. Similar semi-finished products with a grade of two are often used in the oil refining and gas industries. Since such pipes are able to withstand sufficiently large pressure drops, they are quite capable of ensuring the reliability of the pipeline during transportation of various fuels. The third class is relevant for the chemical industry, because it is able to withstand greater pressures than the previous variety of pipe products. Pipes with an index of class four are relevant in the field of drilling and geological exploration. From pipes of the fifth class successfully produce various support mechanisms of lifting equipment and cars. The sixth class of pipe semifinished products assumes the production of products the main field of application, which is the engineering industry.

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