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Bronze wire has a minimum ratio of cross sectional area to length. It is tensile strength, excellent resistance to corrosion, ductility high level of flexibility. These qualities, plus a good conductivity of electric current allow to use in various industries. Production is regulated by the following: GOST 5222−72, 15834−77, 5221−77. The most popular the following grades: Bmhc 2,5−0,7−0,6; Broc4−3; Brkmc3−1; Brh0,7; Brb2; Brb2,5; Brof6,5−0,4; Bramc9−2; Brahms 8,5−4-5−1,5; Brtrc.

Name Mark Standard, THE Section
Bronze wire Broth 18469−106−082−2001 1−5 mm


Bronze wire composition may be of the following types:

  • zinc and tin;
  • beryllium;
  • the manganese-siliceous.

As material, it is divided into hard and soft. The latter is more malleable, so often used in those areas where it is crucial to the flexibility of the material. Solid wire is more resilient, is used for the production of springs. In a cross section of a bronze wire can be square or round cross-section. Functional purpose:

  • General purpose (production of cables, wires and windings);
  • welding;
  • for the springs.

Castings made from alloy, doped with phosphorus and tin (BRAF). It is characterized by minimum shrinkage and melting temperature. BROTH alloy with high corrosion resistance is relevant in shipbuilding.

Material Mark Prefabricated Cross-section mm The presence of the kg Price
BRONZE Brkmc3−1 wire 0,3 36 290
3 30 270
4 12 480
-«- Bramc9−2 wire 2 400 480
-«- Bramc9−3 -«- 3 322 480
-«- Bramc9−4 -«- 4 115 480
-«- Brof6,5−0,4 -«- 2 422 480
-«- Brkmc3−1 -«- 1,8 55 480
-«- Brkmc3−2 -«- 4 78 270


Labeling of bronze begins with the letters «Br», then write capital letters of the basic alloying elements and numbers — their percentage in the alloy. Get acquainted with the range, specify main features, advantages, the use parameters products you can on our website. OOO «_" represents an infinite range of non-ferrous metal. Carried out both wholesale and retail deliveries.

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