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Duralumin area — solid profile G-shaped section. Hire a duralumin corner regulated GOST 14838−78, chemical composition — GOST 4784−97, the control of structure — GOST 24231−80. The composition is alloyed with copper (4,4%), magnesium (1.5%) and manganese (0,5%). Copper and magnesium contributes to hardening alloy. Manganese, grinds structure, increases strength and resistance to corrosion. Iron and silicon in the composition of aluminum is an inevitable impurity. Iron is considered a harmful impurity, reduces the strength and ductility. Silicon to a certain extent smoothes the harmful effects of iron. Prolongatory area is marked H2; annealed — M; with normal plating — A. the Area must have a flat, smooth surface without defects, cracks, traces burn or stains of pollution. Valid traces of broach. Corners usually produce: normal precision and durability, with a standard quality of surface finish. Regiments of corners can be the same — equal or different — varied-flange — relevant in creating fragments of complex shape.


Strength, durability, availability of any treatment. Unlike other nonferrous alloys such area — budget and has excellent consumer qualities. It is lightweight, meets the stringent sanitary standards, has an aesthetic appearance, carries considerable temperature differences. High technology, namagnichennosti sufficient specific strength that allowed him today to take a worthy place among similar materials. Long service life, reliability, reasonable price — make it relevant in many industries.


If compared with steel alloys, duralumin angles lose in heat resistance and strength.


The rigid elements of the mobile geological units, fastening elements fuselage. These parts are widely demanded in transport engineering, construction, shipbuilding, household area.


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