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Nickel silver

This alloy known as Nickel silver. Has a number of winning qualities: corrosion resistance, availability in any processing, elasticity after deformation. Applies not only for jewelry or coins but also parts of the measuring instruments, medical instruments.

Percentage composition

Alloy GOST Analogue Ni+Co Mn Fe C Pb Zn S Cu
Nickel silver MNC15−20 CuNi15Zn21 13,5−16,5 ≤0.3 mm ≤0.3 mm ≤0,03 ≤0,02 18−22 ≤0,005 basis


Manganin is the main material for the manufacture of precision instruments and reference resistors, shunts, bridge circuits, parts of sensors of high precision. Is heat resistance up to temperature 300 °C. high-sensitivity devices are used only manganin, as one of its advantages is the minimum thermo EMF in a pair of copper (up to 1 mV/1°C). The disadvantage of this alloy is considered to be the instability to corrosion in the atmosphere, ammonia, acid vapors, industrial condensate.

Percentage composition

Alloy GOST Analogue Ni+Co Mn Fe C Pb Bi S Cu
Manganin Mnmc3−12 --- 2,5−3,5 11,5−13,5 ≤0,5 ≤0,05 ≤0,02 -- ≤0,02 basis


This alloy, in contrast, manganin, combines strength and high corrosion resistance. Cunial relevant in shipbuilding for the manufacture of ship propellers. Its strength is comparable to steel, but it’s much better resists corrosion. It can stay in the water for decades, with no signs of rust. In the composition of this alloy is 80% copper, about 5% Ni, 5% Al, 10%. additives. Is smelted at t° 3200 °C. Cunial B necessary for the manufacture of springs and elastic elements of instruments, parts, cryogenic equipment.


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