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Bronze casting combines strength, flexibility, minimal shrinkage. Responds well to machining: cutting, drilling, stamping, milling. After treatment the surface is perfectly flat and smooth. Casting of tin and aluminum bronze well handled, is different corrosion resistance and high specific strength, the Introduction of a small amount of phosphorus improve their castability. Bronze casting billet for production of structural elements of transport engineering (especially shipbuilding, where important corrosion resistance), parts of centrifuges, pumps, parts.


The most frequently used bronze tin — brand: Bro10f1, Bro5c5s5, Bro8c4, Bro4c4s17, БрО10Ц10. High casting quality is their main advantage. They have an optimum melting point, and during casting the low shrinkage ratio compared to other metals. Used for the manufacture of castings of complex shape. Bronze aluminum brand: Bra9mc2l, Bra9zh3l, Bra10zh4n4l, Bra10zh3mc2, etc. They differ less than perfect casting qualities. Shrinkage ratio they have more, but not formed porosity. Be more dense casting with a high specific strength. Brand of bronze comply with the requirements of GOST 613−79, GOST 493−79. Centrifugal method can produce castings of any parameters (rings, bushings, bearings, wheels, wreaths), weighing up to two tons and Ø up to 1.5 meters. They are delivered after mechanical pre-treatment with the specified allowance. Casting, get burnt out models and chill method (sliders, breadcrumbs, flat parts, thrust bearings, etc.) weighing up to 2 tons.


Labeling of bronze begins with the letters «Br», then write capital letters of the basic alloying elements and numbers — their percentage in the alloy. Cast billet is supplied in the form of forgings after secondary heat treatment (normalizing, quenching with tempering) with the required strength (KP) and in accordance with GOST 8479−70. Get acquainted with the range, specify main features, advantages, the use parameters products you can on our website. In the company «_" presents an unlimited range of non-ferrous metal. Carried out both wholesale and retail deliveries.

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Consistently high quality bronze casting and a great selection of semi-finished products of various sizes will help you implement any production problems. Reasonable price and wide range make your purchase as convenient and comfortable. Full compliance with the requirements of the normative documentation for products that will provide long-term trouble-free operation of the whole complex of the industrial equipment. In the absence of the range of products necessary parameters can be considered the manufacture of semi-finished products on the presented drawings.