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Due to the high technological and operating characteristics, the wire and the circle of tantalum widely used instrumentation, electrical engineering, heat power engineering, where the production process involves high temperatures I. aggressive environments. Tantal-heavy refractory metal similar to rhenium. The temperature of The melting point 2996 °C, t° boiling point of 5300 °C, the metal Is steel-gray hue, almost as heavy as gold has a density of 16.6 g/cm3. Pure tantalum is very ductile despite the hardness Under normal conditions, it is possible to roll to thin thread. The metal at the same time increases the ductility and toughness of the alloys. Up to 1000 °C, its specific strength is higher than heavy tungsten. Tantalum is resistant to oxidation in air at ordinary temperatures. Oxidation starts at 200−300°C. the Peculiarity of this metal is its ability to absorb gases when heated: nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen, impurities which affect its performance. The so absorbed hydrogen informs metal fragility, Tantalum absorbs nitrogen at 600 °C. the tantalum Nitrite has t° melting 3087 °C. the Tantalum little resistant to alkalis. With hot alkaline solutions, it forms a salt.


Tantalum is the basis of high-temperature and corrosion-resistant alloys, which are used for the manufacture of chemical glassware, the details of heat-exchange equipment in nuclear power. Tantalum of all known materials is the most stable in pairs, molten 133-cesium. Low work function of electrons important in the manufacture of high-power electronic devices, generators, condensers, etc., Chemical resistance of the wire and the circle of tantalum is widely used in the manufacturing of corrosion resistant parts for the processing and the pulp and paper industry. This metal is biologically inert Tantalum wire and ribbon fasten surgeons ligaments, nervous tissue, from a sheet made of bone prostheses. Alloys of tantalum indispensable tool for Metalworking. Carbide of tantalum and tungsten (t° melting almost 3900 °C) to produce super-hard alloys «TT», for percussion rotary drilling. Tantalum wire serves as the basis of the filaments, meshes, cathode ray tubes, mass spectrometers, etc. similar devices.


Circle section 5 — 50 mm, wire cross section 0.5 — 5 mm. tape with thickness of 0.1 mm and a width up to 150 mm. sheet thickness up to 1 mm format 650 x 1350 mm. samples acceptable insignificant defects, the risks, the traces of broach, shrinkage irregularities, which fall within the boundaries specified by the standard deviations. On the cut sheet and the ribbon must not contain foreign inclusions. The surface must be clean, free of cracks, burrs. Rolled in original packaging stored in closed warehouses. It can be transported by any transport. When transporting the semi-finished products must be protected from mechanical damage, moisture, dirt, corrosive substances. Wire cross section exceeds 1 mm, put in a special technological lubrication. Depending on the section length of the wire can be up to 1500 m.


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