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Thulium™ is a soft light grey, silvery metal of the 69th element in the periodic table. The atomic weight is about 169. It is a rare earth element from a number of lanthanides. Like other rare earth elements in the native form is not found, scattered in the earth’s crust to 0.3 g/t In the late XIX century Swedish chemists managed to get oxide of thulium is separated from the oxide of erbium. In pure form this metal is got Richardson in 1911, Dubbed the new element in honor of the legendary Northern land of Thule. He belongs to the group of heavy lanthanides, its about the density of 9.32 g/cm3. It is a refractory metal, it t° melting 1545 °C, t° boiling point of 1947 °C. Easily soluble in inorganic acids.

Physical quality Tm
Atomic (molar) mass, g/mol 169
Atomic number 69
Density [g/cm3] 9,32
The degree of oxidation 3, 2
The melting temperature t°C 1545°C
The thermal conductivity K [W/(m·K)] 16,9
Molar volume cm3/mol 18,1


Borat thulium used in nuclear power to cover the shields. In the production of laser crystals based on thulium generate thermal radiation with a wavelength of nearly 2 microns. Pair this metal is indispensable in lasers with tunable frequency. This is a valuable thermoelectric material. Thanks to special technology and performance, thulium is widely used in modern industry. Using such materials of new generation have the opportunity to improve technological processes of production and ensure more reliable operation of the whole complex of equipment. It is also used in magnetic media. Monotelluride Tullius became the basis of thermal converters, it regulates the properties of the semiconductor lead telluride. Isotope 170-thulium is used in industrial flaw detectors. There are promising developments of the use of Tullius as nuclear fuel.

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