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Babbits are «solid lubricant» friction surfaces for moving parts, which operate at Vitali, shock loads at high speeds. They increase the reliability and durability of moving fragments of equipment. A mixture of solid inclusions of soft tin-based — increases the hardness without decreasing ductility. The thickness of the fill is usually more than 1 mm. the name of the babbit was in honor of its inventor — I. Babbitt.


• tin (based on tin, copper and antimony)

• lead (based on lead, tin, antimony and copper)

• calcium (calcium-based, sodium and lead)

These alloys can be doped with such elements as sodium, magnesium, calcium, cadmium, arsenic, tellurium, Nickel. They applied to the bearing shell in the form of fills, it also significantly decreases the coefficient of friction. Tin babbit (ASTM2, B83, B83S, B88, SAE11, SAE12) are characterized by high viscosity, thermal conductivity, high corrosion resistance, wear resistance. Group lead babbits (ASTM15, ASTM7, SAE15, B16, BKA, botn, BK2, BSB, ЅАЕ13, ЅАЕ14, BK2SH,) has the ability to operate at higher temperatures than tin.


In developed countries and CIS countries the most relevant tin and lead babbits. The production of tin alloys normalizes GOST 1320−74. Their composition may include up to 85% tin and (in total) up to 15% of antimony and copper. The production of lead alloys normalizes GOST 1209−90. Babbits are used primarily in moving parts of diesel engines, as well as in the bearings of compressors and rolling mills. Today without of can’t do production equipment heavy machinery that runs at high speeds, dynamic loads, for example, electric locomotives and railway rolling stock.


First, it is the high ductility and low melting temperature to 440 °C. the minimum coefficient of friction, they prevent wear of moving parts, prolong the service life of modern expensive equipment. High plasticity and good pererabatyvaemogo of is able to retain lubricant and keep the hardness that is necessary for the liner as a support shaft. This is possible due to the heterogeneous structure of: soft Foundation contains solid particles. During rotation the shaft is supported on them, and the soft base, wearing, run to the shaft, forming a relief, which holds the lubricant.


Perhaps the main drawback — low resistance to fatigue, which lowers the ultimate reliability of mobile nodes. Minimum strength allows the use of these alloys only in bearings rugged: steel, cast iron or bronze.

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