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Machine-tool construction, production of precise computing and measuring equipment, electrical engineering and many other important branches of the national economy can not do without high-precision quality materials of special purpose, with strictly regulated chemical composition, precisely calibrated geometric parameters and high operating and operational characteristics. This kind of raw materials called precision alloys has become a solid foundation for the development of industrial chemistry, laser optics, medicine, energy complex and many other important branches of the modern industry.

general characteristics

Alloy 27KH refers to magnetically soft materials. Therefore, semi-finished products from this raw material have a very high index of magnetic induction and are able to saturate completely for a short time under the action of low-strength magnetic fields. Manufacture of such raw materials requires the use of special metallurgical furnaces with subsequent processing of finished semi-finished products by pressure (forging or rolling) methods. It is worth noting the low coercive strength of the alloy, this figure does not exceed 4kA / m. The use of raw materials of this type is due to its main advantages. This production of magnetic pipelines, antennas and microphones, television equipment and radio engineering devices, the manufacture of transformer and relay technology, for which the magnetic properties of the material are particularly important.


Chemical composition as a percentage
manganese silicon carbon nickel chromium phosphorus sulfur cobalt
0.2−0.4 Up to 0,25 Up to 0.04 Up to 0,3 0.3−0.6 Up to 0,015 Up to 0,015 26.5−28
physical characteristics
Name Units Symbol The numerical value
Elastic modulus MPa Ex10 -5 2.2
Measurement temperature ° C T 20
Density Kg / m 3 R 7980
Electrical resistance (specific) Omxm Rx10 9 200
The index of linear temperature expansion (at t = 100 ° C) 1 / deg Ах10 6 10.7
Mechanical properties (at 20 ° C)
Name of the characteristic The numerical value of the parameter for products according to GOST 10160−75
Tape Thinning tape
Short-term tensile strength, MPa (ss) 590 1080
Yield point, MPa (sT) 295
Relative elongation at break,% (d5) 20 2

Weldability indexes

The alloy has limitations on weldability The welding process requires some preliminary preparation (warming the contacting surfaces to one hundred and one hundred and twenty degrees and subsequent heat treatment of the seam zone)
The alloy has no weld constraints No additional operations are required
Hard to weld material It is necessary to warm the contacting surfaces to two hundred or three hundred degrees, the subsequent annealing and heat treatment after the end of the welding process


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