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Tungsten rod is characterized by durability, hardness, high melting temperature, minimal thermal expansion coefficient, high electrical resistance. This rod has a high modulus of tension and compression, exceptional resistance to thermal creep, good thermal conductivity. It is inert in an oxygen atmosphere to 400 °C, hydrogen to 600 °C, ammonia to 700 °C, carbon monoxide to 800 °C, in concentrated solutions of acids, alkalis, Aqua Regia, boiling mercury. Without tungsten rod it is impossible to imagine nuclear energy, military-industrial complex, modern metallurgy, electrical engineering. Active progress of the petrochemical industry, process industry also need such a rod. It is designed for operation in aggressive liquid and gaseous environments in conditions of extreme loads at very high temperatures.


Because of the extreme refractoriness and hardness, tungsten is poorly processed — only to achieve high temperatures. The disadvantage is the complexity of mining and obtaining it in its pure form. Under normal conditions it is hard, brittle, fragile material.


Tungsten rod and electrodes — the most relevant products of tungsten. Under normal conditions, technological plasticity of the metal is insufficient, but with increasing temperature — increased without loss of strength. That’s why hiring get hot pressure treatment. First using powder metallurgy to form the workpiece — the so-called Fort. After heating it Raskulinecz on a rotary forging machine — work bars section 2 — 3 mm, of which after drawing in the hot condition pull wire according to GOST 25501−82. The surface of the bars must be smooth, polished, without cracks, chips, burrs, grease and other defects


Tungsten rod is indispensable for the production of parts working in high temperatures during metal processing, geological exploration, metallurgy, Metalworking, chemical industry, military-industrial complex. It serves for the manufacture of mandrels of piercing mills, matrices, pressing hot metal. In the manufacture of glass serves as a consumable electrode and stirrers. Thin tungsten rods are used for welding and are widely used in electrical engineering.


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