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In the modern industry uses a wide variety of alloys with different characteristics. One of the quite popular materials is an alloy to the rose. It was received by the famous German scientist-chemist Valentin rose the elder, in whose honor and named. Rose has devoted several years to create a formula that fusible alloy. The temperature of its melting point of only 94 °C. the Alloy rose has the form of granules in silver color and consists of three low-melting metals: tin — 18%, 32% lead and 50% bismuth. This composition is melted in boiling water. Physico-chemical characteristics similar to «wood alloy». The main difference between these two alloys is that the composition of the rose no cadmium, and therefore the alloy has no toxic effect.


This kind of alloy produced in the form of bars (10x12x250), ingots and granules. Their production is in accordance with the requirements of TU 6−09−4065−88. Alloy rose is widely used as a special solder — TO-50-ideal for soldering all kinds of contacts with high sensitivity to overheating. Additionally, the alloy rose found its use in soldering aluminum electrical fuse based on copper and copper+aluminium, circuit boards semiconductors. This alloy is widely used for soldering and tinning pure copper, bronze, Nickel, brass, without him today not do soldering jewelry or silver plated items. In electronics rose alloy is used for tinning copper surface etched circuit boards. In boiling water (100°C) you need to add a few granules of the alloy and a bit of citric acid (C6H8O7). In the liquid container carefully drop the charge and pressed against the side containing copper, to the bottom. Last tinning charge carefully remove and clean from the water with a paper towel.

storage and transportation

Alloy rose does not require special conditions for storage. He is equally suited as an indoor warehouse, and place under the open sky. In a tightly Packed container it can be stored for three years. Transportation is allowed by any mode of transport subject to all safety requirements of transportations. It should be remembered that the alloy rose upon contact with the skin may cause a severe allergic reaction. This is due to content in its composition of heavy metals. A particular danger is lead.


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