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In 1863, the German chemists, the spectral analysis of zinc salts found in a spectrum of brilliant Indigo. It was open a new element, named for the color spectral coloring — indium. Isolated in pure form, it was extremely soft — much softer than lead and nearly 20 times softer than gold. Gold ingot new metal French Academy of Sciences assessed the $ 700 per gram! A few years в1867г. the Indies have been able to cast the ingot in 5 times more. Today, the cost of this metal around 700 USD per 1 kg — almost the same as that of hafnium.


World consumption of indium is growing every year. In 2006 it exceeded 800 tons. Indium in the form of trace impurities found in high Fe sphalerite — 0.3% chalcopyrite and stanine — 0,03−0,05%, and in pyrrhotite and cassiterite — thousandths of a percent. The total content of this element in the earth’s lithosphere is 0.25 g/t.


Confirmation of the fact that in chemistry there is no useless waste, is the technology of obtaining of India. Indium is produced from the intermediate waste production of tin, zinc, copper and lead, where indium is contained in the amount of ≤ 0.1 percent. To separate it from the accompanying elements — cadmium, zinc, copper, etc. — is difficult. At the initial stage the rock is treated with sulfuric acid, which dissolves the salt of indium, cadmium, etc. Then change the acidity of the solution is carried out by hydrolytic deposition. India hydroxide precipitates at pH 4. «Rough indium» is recovered by cementation on zinc and aluminum. Then spend refining using the zone melting.

purity class

GOST 10297−94, regulates the quality of India in the pyramids, ingots, bars. There are 5 grades of purity depending on the percentage content of impurities. Ин0000 contains impurities in amounts of 0.0001%. Ин000 — 0,0005%. Ин00 — 0,001%. Ин0 — 0,002%. Brand Ин2 — 0,03%.


UD. the weight of India at 20 °C = 7,362 g/cm3. Indium withstands heat up to 800 °C, then ignited the violet-blue flames. This metal is soluble in all acids, the easiest to inorganic (chloride and nitrogen). Indium is stable in alkaline solutions, readily forms salts with chlorine, bromine, when heated with vapors of phosphorus, sulfur, iodine. At a temperature of 3,405°To superconductivity is achieved in India.


Today, the consumption of indium in the world is growing rapidly, in 2012 it reached 950 tons. In microelectronics, indium relevant to the optimization of the properties of germanium and silicon semiconductors. India great adhesion to metal and glass allows it to be used for low-melting solders. It is part of the LCD monitors. Indium coating of the mirrors and headlights greatly increases reflectivity, while this coating is resistant to damp condensation. The alloy of indium with silver does not turn black in an atmosphere of hydrogen sulfide and the basis of high quality reflective coatings. Indium is used as a photocell, a phosphor, and also for the calibration of thermocouples. Coating with indium of skirts of pistons of diesel improves glide. India isotopes used in medical diagnostics. This metal is part of the «blue gold». It is relevant to vacuum technology as a sealant gaskets for sealing. In a pair of indium oxide of mercury is the basis of the energy consuming battery. Alloys of indium with gallium, zinc, tin melt at t° ≤ 30 °C can serve as liquid-metal coolants. A wide cross-section of capture of thermal neutrons make India relevant in the management of nuclear decay. Indium oxide to make glass that absorbs thermal neutrons. Orthophosphate India included in dental cements


Indium is stored indoors. Delivered in a special packaging, isolating from contact with moisture, dust, condensation. Each ingot brands Ин0000 or Ин000 wrapped separately in plastic packaging. May be Packed in pairs, the bars of the brand Ин00 or brand Ин0. Bars Ин2 wrapped in plastic wrap or waxed paper. Warranty period of storage in original package 5 years.

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