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The invention of a method for smelting nickel from enriched ore has become a springboard for the rapid development of many spheres of the industrial complex. The ability of nickel to dissolve a large number of other components in it, without losing its plasticity and corrosion resistance, made it possible to form many unique alloys with a mass of useful qualities and high performance. Alloy brand mp35n is a classic representative of the star galaxy of nickel-containing materials. Additional inclusion in the composition of elements such as cobalt, molybdenum, chromium increases the initial qualities of the material, but at the same time retains the ductility inherent in pure nickel.


The nickel fraction provides the alloy mp35n with considerable plasticity and resistance to various types of corrosion. Chromium improves the resistance of the material, and cobalt provides high levels of hardness and strength even with significant static and dynamic loads. Special attention should be paid to the resistance of the alloy of this brand to the formation of shells and internal defects in smelting.

Percent composition
chromium nickel molybdenum cobalt
Not less than 20 Not less than 35 At least 10 Not less than 35

The presence of important working properties has determined the wide use of this raw material in a variety of production conditions, characterized by high mechanical stress and exposure to equipment of an aggressive environment. Particularly resistant to such material is the action of salt water, chloride compounds, acids of mineral origin.

Application of

This type of material is used to make reliable and durable equipment that can effectively work in the most difficult industrial conditions. A wide range of products from pipes of various sections, to plates, strips, sheets and profile products allows you to choose the right option for solving production problems. In the absence of semi-finished products of the required size or profile from the standard series, the possibility of manufacturing structural elements according to individual drawings can be considered.

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Invariably high quality of products from heat-resistant steels and a large selection of semi-finished products of various sizes will help to realize any production tasks. An acceptable price and a wide range of products will make your purchase as convenient and comfortable as possible. Full compliance with the requirements of regulatory documentation for products made of mp35n alloy will ensure the reliability and durability of the entire complex of industrial equipment. In the absence of the necessary parameters in the product range, the possibility of manufacturing semi-finished products according to the presented drawings can be considered.