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Titanium alloy VT8 belongs to the type α+β-alloys. Production of normalized GOST 19807−74, 90013−81 OST. The main alloying elements are aluminium — 6% vanadium and 4.5%. Al contributes to the hardening of the α+β phase, and V stabilizes the β-phase, inhibits the formation of superstructure of α-2 in the alpha phase. Heat treatment increases the strength of the alloy by 15 — 20% without loss of ductility. The presence of β-phase in the annealed alloy reaches 10%. Double isothermal annealing provides an optimal combination of qualities. Later was developed by modification of alloy VT8−1, ВТ8М, ВТ8М-1.

Percentage composition of the brand VT8 according to GOST 19807−91

Al C Si Fe Mo Zr N O H Ti impurities
The 5.8−7 ≤0,1 0,2−0,4 ≤0.3 mm 2,8−3,8 ≤0,5 ≤0,05 ≤0,15 ≤0,015 87,5-of 90.9 ≤0.3 mm

Alloy density of 4.48 g/cm3, a melting point of almost 1020 °C. Long-term strength is determined by the magnitude of a force, destroying the sample for a certain time at a specific temperature.

DOS. quality Use Note
6% Al, the doping with vanadium and silicon increases heat resistance and durability in comparison with rafting VT6. The maximum operating t.°+ 480°. VT8 more plastic compared to the brands of VT3−1, VT9, than, thermal stability, crack resistance Drives the blades of the low pressure compressors, fasteners, fittings, fans. Poorly welded. Technological plasticity is lower than VT6.


High specific strength, temperature resistance, durability, absence of deposits on the inner surface. Due to the high corrosion and chemical resistance, pipe brand VT8 today the most relevant in industrial chemistry, processing industry,. VT8 pipe meet the most stringent hygiene requirements, thanks to their use in medicine, and their namagnichennosti important when mounting electrical engineering.

VT8 Heat treatment Strength (MPa) KCU j/cm3 Plasticity of δ%
Typical properties Annealing >950 >30 >6
Annealing 1080 --- 12
Hot tubes Delivery condition 1050 55 10,5
950°, 1 hour to 570° 1H., air cooling 1100 58 9,5
920°, 1 hour to 600° C 1H, air cooling 1030 62 9,7

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