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General characteristics

ВТ18 (ВТ18У) belongs to the format of the Ti-Al-Zr-Mo-Nb-Si. It belongs to the category of high-strength pseudo α-alloys, has a significant content of aluminum and zirconium, which ensures a high level of creep resistance, high long-term strength within the temperature regime from 550 — 600 °C. it Should be noted that this alloy is one of the most heat-resistant titanium alloy, but its plastic properties, and workability during processing pressure is much lower than, for example, OT4.

ВТ18 serves for the production of bars, forgings, stampings. The optimum combination of properties is achieved by annealing at a temperature of 900 — 950 °C and aged from one to four hours followed by air cooling. Possible double annealing. It takes place at 900 — 980 °C (within 1 — 4 hours) and at a temperature of 550 — 680 °C 2 — 8 hours. This increases the resistance strength of 770 MPa vs standard 670 MPa.


Alloy brand ВТ18 necessary for parts that work long-term (500 hour) in the temperature range 550 — 600 °C. Also used for the production of parts of a single action, in this case, the temperature can reach 800 °C.

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