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Nickel alloys due to its high performance characteristics have found application in many areas of modern life. Without this structural material today can’t do the aviation industry, rocket production, chemical, light, electrical industry. Nickel alloys are well-proven in the manufacture of turbine engine parts and the resistance elements for industrial furnaces. Their operating temperature can reach the level of seven hundred fifty degrees Celsius.

the basic qualities

The unique properties of alloy KHN77TJU — high resistance to high temperatures, with a considerable plasticity and ability to resist fatigue strength allow him to actively use in the field of modern aviation. Structural elements of the turbine engine, made of alloy KHN77TJU, are heat resistance, high reliability, with proper maintenance and observance of the operating modes is particularly durable. This type of material is capable of long time to successfully resist damage due to gas corrosion. This fact also plays an important role in determining its scope.


The percentage of chemical elements in accordance with the requirements of GOST 5632−72
silicon carbon iron manganese phosphorus sulfur Nickel chrome aluminium Titan cerium lead Bor
to 0.6 to 0.07 to 1 to 0.4 to 0.015 to 0,007 70,-77,4 19−22 0,6−1 2.4 to 2.8 > 0,02 > 0,001 > 0,003

Technological parameters

Weldability The necessary operations
The material is of type alloys difficult to weld Before welding contact surface has warmed up to two hundred or three hundred degrees. After welding, to improve the characteristics of the suture zone of the prefabricated subjected to high temperature annealing.
Alloys limited welded type Qualitative welded connection, maybe get after preheating contacting surfaces to one hundred or one hundred and twenty degrees Celsius, and conducting a final heat treatment suture zone, after the completion of welding works
Raw materials, not having restrictions on welding Prior training is not required for high-quality welding
Mechanical properties
Name characteristics The symbol Numeric value
Wire (according to GOST 23705−79)
Short-term strength (limit value), MPa blower SB 610
The rate of elongation at the terminal force, % d5 5
The relative narrowing, % y 12
Heat treatment Quenching and aging

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Huge selection of semi-finished products of alloy grade KHN77TJU in stock, LLC «_" will ensure the realization of any wishes of the customer. If a standard set of sizes is not suitable the client may consider the possibility of manufacturing the required products according to original designs. Consistently high quality workmanship and full compliance of all products with regulatory requirements ensures the good health of semifinished products from Nickel alloys. Each customer regardless of the delivery quantity provided by the attentive attitude and individual approach.