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Key Features

Fechral combines a significant melting point up to 1500 ° C with a high ud. Electric resistance (about 1.3 Ohm / mm 2 / m), which is not lost at high temperatures. These qualities allow the use of fecal wire in the manufacture of heat-resistant elements of electrical equipment. This wire has excellent corrosion resistance, low specific gravity 7.2 g / cm 3, it is much lighter than similar alloys. High performance allows the use of a wire with a minimum diameter. The main advantage of fechrali in comparison with analogues is low cost. Fechral wire is 5−6 times cheaper than nichrome. The disadvantage of the alloy is its fragility, which significantly complicates the production process. Fragility is eliminated by adding nickel, but at the same time the final cost of the product increases.

Physical properties of wire
Alloy X21YU4 X21YU6B X27Y7M
Elongation at break (%) >12 >12 >12
Breaking strength N / mm 2 590−690 580−680 630−780
Weight, g / cm 3 7.15 7.40 7.25
Max t ° continuous operation (° C) 750 650 1250
Ud. Electrical resistance (Ohmmm 2 / m) 1.3 1.25 1.35
Melting point (° C) 1500 1450 1500
The coefficient of linear expansion (αx10−6 / ° C) 15.6 15.4 15.0
Thermal conductivity (KJ / mxhx ° C) 52.4 52.7 60.2


The appointment of the wire is informed by the marking. For heating elements use a wire marked with the letter «H»; For resistance elements — «C»; For tubular electric heaters — heater. Fechral wire can have min Ø ~ 0.1 mm. It is one of the most popular materials in electrical engineering. It combines excellent consumer values, high technical qualities and cheapness.

Ø more than 6 mm Tº.1200ºС More than 3500 hours.
Ø 3−6 mm Tº 1150 ºС More than 1800 hours.
Ø 1,5−3 mm Tº 1100 ºС More than 1800 hours.
Ø 0.4−1 mm Tº 1000 ºС More than 900 hours.

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