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Copper alloys used by man since time immemorial. Itself copper is widely used in the manufacture of various semi-finished products and structural elements. The most relevant form of copper rental today has become a pipe. It is very economical among its advantages — flexibility, excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance, ability to endure exposure to ultraviolet light. Copper — heat resistant, easily soldered, and after recycling can be used again.

varieties of copper pipes
Name Grade Cutting, mm
Extruded M1 M1r, M2, M2r, M3r, M3 30−280x5−60x1500−4000
Drawn 60−210x2,5−10x6000
For air conditioners A 4.5−10x0,35−2хL
Capillary 1,2−2,75x0,35−1,6 XL

Chemical composition of pipes normalized GOST 859.


Copper pipe biologically inert, resistant to corrosion, for decades retains its original quality. It is widely used for drinking water in supply systems, sewage systems, heat-exchange equipment. Copper pipe has such important properties as flexibility, availability of rations and all types of processing. It is easy to assemble and dismantle, can be preset in the manufacture of parts of rolling for pumps, centrifuges.

Material Mark Prefabricated Cross-section mm The presence of the kg Price
Pipe copper Brkh-1 pipe seamless 4−16x1−4 650 155
22x3 84,3 150
28x3 54,7 150
45x2 126,3 150
52x3 230,7 150
COPPER M 1 SHEET 0.5 mm 101 145
M 1 0.6 mm 96 145
M 1 0.8 mm 98 145
M 1 1−10mm 750 135
M 2 1−10mm 890 122
COPPER M 1 Tape 0.1 x 20−60 65 150
M 1 Tape 0,2x40 140 150
M 1 Tape 0,5x200 190 140
M 2 round 10−70mm 556 120
M 2 round 100−150 325 120
M 1 wire 0.5 mm 62 170
M 1 wire 1mm 70 160


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