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The variety of alloys with a high content of nickel and cobalt made it possible to solve most production problems, which not so long ago had no effective implementation. The presence of nickel in the composition determines not only the high resistance of the material to corrosive phenomena, but also gives the ability to withstand high temperatures during operation without reducing or losing strength characteristics. Addition in the form of cobalt significantly increases the temperature limit of the resistance of raw materials and significantly expands its scope of application. The alloy called hines 25 has all the useful qualities inherent in the materials of this group. Therefore, today it is very popular in most industries of the industrial complex, whose work is connected with the influence on the equipment of harmful and dangerous factors.


Even in the presence of strong oxidants, this material is fully capable of long-term operation in areas of elevated temperature conditions up to 1100 degrees Celsius. In addition to significant heat resistance, the alloy is characterized by satisfactory plasticity. It can be processed hot after preheating to 1050 degrees. In some sources, such material is designated by the symbol «L» with the index 605, which should be taken into account when choosing an alloy for the manufacture of specific equipment. All the main useful qualities of raw materials are determined by its chemical composition.

Percent composition
carbon manganese phosphorus sulfur silicon chromium nickel molybdenum cobalt iron tungsten
0.05−0.15 1.0−2.0 0.4 0.03 0.4 19−21 9−11 2.5−3.5 the basis 3 14−16

Application of

Hines 25 is widely used for the manufacture of articles requiring bending or stretching during processing. Due to the plasticity, such a material is sufficiently deformed, and the ability to withstand significant temperatures during operation makes it possible to use raw materials for operation under the most difficult conditions. Aircraft, machine building, chemical complex and many other industries are actively using unique raw materials to ensure the long-term and reliable operation of complex industrial equipment. The constant improvement of the production process and the exact observance of technological processing regimes make it possible to obtain consistently high results in the form of a high-quality technological alloy of Hines 25 capable of providing the highest quality result when applied in any industry.

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Qualitative manufacture with constant control of observance of requirements of technological discipline, absolute conformity of semiproducts of mark hajns 25 to all points of the standard documentation, comprehensible cost of products defines the big popularity of a similar material for needs of modern manufacture. Our company represents the whole assortment of such products and provides constant attention to the needs of each customer, regardless of the volume of the order.