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The provider offers certified products. In the technical documentation included data on chemical composition and set the percentage limits of the additives. Supplier KMZ, supply duralumin circle, wire, pipe, sheet, tape marks 7075 standard and custom sizes at an affordable price in a optimally short period of time from warehouses in Russia and Ukraine. The price matches the high quality of products.

Technical characteristics

Higher strength than 6000 series aluminium. Manufactured from 7000 series is much more reliable in similar conditions. The disadvantage of this alloy of aluminum is considered to have insufficient ductility. Alloy difficult to deform.

The percentage composition of alloy 7075

The amount of alloying elements up to 9%

Al Ti Cu Si Fe Cr Mn Mg Zn Impurities
91 — 92.5 0.1−0.2 1,2−2 ≤0.4 ≤0.5 0.2 — 0.28 0.2 — 0.3 The 2.1−2.9 5 — 6 ≤0,15


Alloy V95


Bike frames, lightweight items sailplanes, sports cars, wagons. This alloy is in high demand among builders, manufacturers of sports equipment .It is suitable for manufacturing of skeletons of boats, ship bulkheads or add-ons.

Buy, supplier KMZ

To buy a round, wire, tube, sheet, tape, aluminum 7075 provider KMZ can at an affordable price. The rental price is formed on the basis of European standards of production. Buy aluminium circle, wire, pipe, sheet, strip, at an affordable price, you can wholesale or retail. Regular customers can take advantage of the discount discount system.