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Selenium (Se) — 34-th chemical element in the periodic table of D. I. Mendeleev. It got its name from the Greek name of the moon. This is a brilliant amorphous, fracture black-metal. The contents in the lithosphere up to 0.5 g/t Can occur in the native form. The most important are the sulphide deposits. In the ocean its concentration is about 0.4 mg/T. basically, the selenium is extracted from copper electrolytic slime.

physico-chemical properties

This item has a few modifications. Grey selenium is more stable, and red is allotropic amorphous structure. When heated grey Selena get a melt that starts to boil and evaporates gray-brown smoke. When you rapidly cool it condenseries red crystals. Selenium — in many ways, is a chemical analogue of sulfur, can be both an oxidizing agent and a reducing agent. Valence it can vary from -6 to +2. Oxidized but it is less active and does not burn in the air like sulfur. In molten form reacts violently with alkali metals.


The quality of technical selenium normalizes GOST 10298−79. Selenium and its numerous compounds — selenides are properties of semiconductors. In modern technology most often used selenides of lanthanides, lead, antimony, bismuth. Not less frequently used in photovoltaic and thermoelectric quality of selenium and its alloys. Isotope 74-selenium became the basis of a powerful plasma UV laser. Radioactive 75-Selenium as a source of g¢-radiation used in radiography. In agriculture and in medical pharmaceutical drugs today have become topical microdamage selenium. They enhance immunity, resistance to infections, reduce the risk of developing tumors.

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