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Steel 06HN28MDT (ЭИ943) belongs to the category of alloys resistant to corrosion based on iron, chromium and Nickel. This steel has a high corrosion resistance, persisting even in aggressive environments belongs to the category of austenitic stainless steel. A substitute can serve the steel 03KHN28MDT.


By alloying with molybdenum, titanium and silicon, the alloy 06HN28MDT acquired a high resistance to chemical and mechanical damage in a wide range of temperatures. Therefore, this steel is widely used in welded structures for chemical engineering. And the presence of such alloying elements as chromium and Nickel protects parts, made of alloy 06HN28MDT from corrosion even in the most aggressive environments. In addition, in the process of manufacturing the alloy is supplemented with manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, carbon, but their number is less significant.

Percentage composition according to GOST 5632−72.

Alloy C Ti Cr Ni Cu Mn P S Si Fe
06HN28MDT ≤0,06 0,5−0,9 22−25 26−29 2,5−3,5 ≤0,8 ≤0,035 ≤0,02 ≤0,6 basis

Alloy 06HN28MDT klassificeret as heat resistant, heat resistant and corrosion resistant high alloy. Smelting occurs in an electric arc electric furnaces. Hot deformation occurs at 1170 °C when it reaches the good plasticity of the material, followed by lowering the temperature in the treatment process. Welding of alloy can be changed manually or by automated methods, using a protective gas or flux.


Chemical manufacturing welded piping structures, vessels, heat exchangers and reactors for the synthesis of acids, operating at temperature up to 80 degrees Celsius. Not applicable for the synthesis of acetic and phosphoric acids. The alloy used in radioactive environments, synthesis of complex mineral fertilizers. Such an alloy may be a coating of hot rolled dual-layer corrosion-resistant sheets. It is used as a cladding layer.

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