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According to scientists, rare metals can in the near future radically change the production patterns of modern industry. The advantages, structure, and method of using materials that include rare earth metals for modern technology are of exceptional importance. Obtaining some of these alloys is very difficult — only using methods of powder metallurgy. Due to the optimally balanced composition, alloys doped with zirconium, molybdenum, vanadium and other rare earth elements show the highest technological and operational qualities: heat resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion destruction, good resistance to scale formation, which allows them to work effectively in the most difficult production conditions. Disadvantages of rare earth metals is extreme absent-mindedness in the earth’s crust. The extraction and production of them is associated with a number of complexities. Some of them are much more expensive than gold.


Rare earth metals are contained in the lithosphere in hundredths and thousandths of a percent. However, vanadium, zirconium, molybdenum and a number of others are mined annually by hundreds of tons. Rich deposits of molybdenum and tungsten are discovered. The rocks of pegmatite veins also contain rare-earth metals. Some ores of known deposits contain associated metals like indium, gallium, neodymium, which are extracted during ore processing. Extraction of rare metals is a process of multi-stage complex ore processing.

Application of

Due to high technological and operational qualities, rare earth metals are a valuable alloying material. Alloys based on them are widely used by nuclear power engineering, industrial chemistry, light industry and food industry. With the advent of similar materials of the new generation, it became possible to improve the technological production processes and ensure a long-term reliable operation of the entire equipment complex. In electrical engineering — this is the production of cathodes and anodes, as well as various elements and electric heaters, with a consistently high level of resistance. Usually, such elements use zirconium tape, molybdenum, vanadium, nickel-based alloys. Chemical resistance makes it possible to produce from these materials parts of chemical fittings. Due to biological inertness, they are relevant for the manufacture of orthopedic and surgical instruments. At 4.2 ° K, a tape based on 25% zirconium and 75% niobium acquires superconducting properties equal to 100,000 A / cm2. In connection with the high resistance to steam, food acids, such materials are used not only for chemical production, but also for food products, household equipment.


Samples of products based on rare earth metals can have insignificant defects — risks, traces of broaching, shrinkage irregularities, which do not go beyond the limits of standard deviations. On the cut sheet and tape should not contain foreign inclusions. The surface of the products must be clean, without cracks, burrs. Rolled in the original packaging is stored in closed warehouses. It can be transported by any transport. When transporting semi-finished products must be protected from mechanical damage, moisture, dirt, aggressive substances.


A wide range of rolled products based on rare earth metals is always available in the warehouse of LLC «_.» The prices for products from such raw materials presented on our website do not include additional costs, and the available way of ordering and choosing the most convenient option for delivery will provide maximum comfort to the buyer. Sizes and brands of rolled products and castings in our country will allow us to select the necessary material for solving any of the most complex production tasks.