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Babbit B88 has a tin base (87−89%) Approximate percentage of tin is reflected in the marking — 88. Alloy with exceptional sliding properties. Among other of he’s the best antifriction properties, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity. The melting temperature depends on the amount of impurities in composition and can vary from 250 to 320 °C.


Technology Babbitt B-88 is in the form of ingots in accordance with GOST 1320−74. The fill layer according to modern technology must be more than 1 mm. Since this alloy is one of the most time-consuming to produce, contains a high percentage of valuable tin, its cost is quite high.


The babbits have a high coefficient of friction and the minimum coefficient of friction. This reduces the wear of friction parts of machines and increases the life of the equipment. It is important the thickness of the fill layer on the steel insert. High plasticity and the ability not to lose hardness and lubrication significantly reduces the wear of the shaft. Good pererabatyvaemogo due to the inhomogeneous structure — the presence of particulate matter in a soft manner. The solid particles give the prop shaft during the rotation they are nice and high load. These inclusions improve the ratio of basic indicators: at t° 100 °C the alloy demonstrates a hardness HB of the order of 13−32 and high ductility.


All babbit have a low fatigue resistance, which also depends on the thickness of the fill. The minimum strength allows them to apply only in the bearings with durable cast iron, steel or bronze body. Usually thin-walled bearing liners for cars are punched out of the bimetal strip obtained on a continuous casting. The duration of operation of mobile nodes depends on the thickness of the babbit layer on a steel liner.

Alloy GOST Percentage composition
B88 1320−74 Within No more
Al As Bi Fe Pb Zn Cd Cu Sb Ni Sn
0,005 0,005 0,05 0,05 0,1 0,05 0,8 — 1,2 2,5 — 3,5 7,3 — 7,8 0,15 — 0,25 87 — 89


B88 relevant to reduce friction of parts operating at high rpm under load. The fill is carried out at a temperature of 380 °C — 420 °C. Is no alternative material to reduce the wear and improve the sliding bearings turbine bearings, crosshead, and crank bearings ramovic diesel engines, bearings ship shaft; turbopumps, turbochargers, bearings, stationary steam and marine engines with power exceeding 500 kW; for bearings of heavy-duty equipment designed for the high speeds and dynamic loads at t° to 70 °C, with a relaxed load pressure up to 20000 kPa with rotation speed ≤ 50 m/s; and at impact loads up to 10,000 kahm/s. B88 indispensable in high-speed bearings, gear train, excentrico cone crushers for coarse crushing.


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