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Thanks to the capacity to withstand a long time of high temperature operation from minus twenty to 1100 °C without losing the basic operating characteristics, pipe semi-finished products of the brand 15KH25T (X25 ЭИ439) found today quite extensive in scope. Most often, this alloy is claimed in the manufacture of welded structures not subject to impact loads, for metallurgy, nuclear power engineering, petrochemistry, heat-exchange equipment operating in aggressive environments. When selecting materials to solve industrial problems, it is important to correctly calculate the allowable temperature regimes of operation. When exposed to the 15KH25T alloy temperature of 1150 degrees on the surface of products begins to form scale.

Percentage composition GOST 5632−72.

Alloy C Mo Ti Ni Cr Mn P S Si Fe
15KH25T ≤0,15 --- Of ≤0.9 --- 24−27 ≤0,8 ≤0,035 ≤0,025 ≤1 basis

Steel ferritic corrosion-resistant, high-temperature melted in open arc furnaces.

tubular products

Pipe brand 15KH25T proven themselves in designing, piping both household and industrial use. Accuracy of manufacturing of pipe products can be produced normal and high precision, the type of surface and cross-section of a variety of pipes of a wide variety of options. Also, these types of semi-finished products can be produced with the presence of threaded elements of different type or without them. Basically a length of pipe products corresponds to the standard dimensional ranges and can vary from four to twelve metres (measured length). Within the measuring length can be manufactured semi-finished products with lengths multiples of measured values. The section profile of the tube can be quite varied, depending on the final destination of the mix you can choose a product round, square, oval or other shape.


Gas supply systems or water heat exchangers, thermocouple sheaths, electrodes incendiary spark candles, welded structures are not exposed to shock loads.


Alloy 15KH25T presents in stock, LLC «_" the full range of products that will satisfy any customer. Optimum price category and full compliance with the requirements of technical documentation will allow to provide the reliability and economic efficiency of production. Individual work with every customer regardless of the purchase price is our motto since the founding of the company.