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The basis for creating a huge number of nickel alloys was the unique ability of this metal to dissolve other chemical elements, without losing its plastic qualities and providing alloys with high corrosion resistance parameters. A different combination of the nickel fraction with other components has made it possible to solve many problems of modern production. Alloy waspalloy — one of the classic representatives of nickel alloys. The optimal combination of nickel, chromium and cobalt in the composition of the material ensured the high working qualities of this raw material.


The main useful properties of such a material include its significant resistance to corrosion damage. Waspalloy can withstand significant temperature fluctuations without compromising performance. Especially high resistance this material shows in relation to strong oxidants. The working zone temperature can reach 650 ° C. The carefully selected and perfectly balanced chemical composition of the alloy guarantees a long maintenance-free service in the most difficult conditions.

Percent composition
carbon manganese sulfur silicon chromium nickel molybdenum copper cobalt titanium aluminum iron zirconium Boron
0.02−1.0 Up to 0.5 Up to 0.02 0.75 18−21 the basis 3,5−5 0.1 12−15 2.6−3.25 1−1.5 2 0.02−0.12 0.003−0.008

Such a material is characterized by high strength values and the ability to maintain shape stability in a fairly wide temperature range. In order to increase the initial operating parameters, in some cases this raw material may be subjected to heat treatment.

Application of

The scope of the waspalloy alloy is very wide. A huge selection of names of semi-finished products allows us to apply this material in almost all industrial areas, whose work is associated with high temperatures and the presence of aggressive components in the area of equipment operation. From the waspalloy alloy in a wide sale are represented by circles, wire, plates, pipe semi-finished products, forgings, flanges fittings. In the absence of the required product size in the standard range of semi-finished products, LLC «_" accepts orders for manufacturing semi-finished products according to individual drawings.

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A wide assortment of semi-finished products from waspalloy alloy is always available in the warehouse of LLC «_" .The products from nickel alloys presented on our website are released at the manufacturer’s price without including additional costs, and the available way of ordering and choosing the most convenient option for delivery will provide maximum comfort to the buyer A huge variety of semi-finished products from non-ferrous and heat-resistant alloys will allow us to select the necessary material for solving any of the most complex production tasks.