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Maraging 350 on the basis of a triple union of molybdenum and cobalt nickel, has proven itself in the most demanding conditions. Alloys of this type are actively used by those industrial branches whose work is associated with particularly difficult conditions and the influence of a number of harmful production factors on the equipment. It is worth noting that not only the unique composition caused the unique advantages of the material, but also a special production technology with the use of specialized equipment and the exact observance of all modes and time intervals of the technological process.

Composition and properties

Maraging 350 refers to the martensitic type of materials, the hardness of which increases significantly with aging. Thanks to comparative softness and plasticity, such a raw material is easy to process, both mechanical type and pressure methods. The presence of nickel in the composition explains the high resistance of the material to various types of corrosion, due to the formation on the surface of the alloy of a strong oxide protective film in contact with atmospheric air. This coating reliably protects the product from damage during operation. Additional doping with a whole complex of various elements provides an increase in heat resistance, strength and other important useful qualities of the material, and also guarantees the stability of its shape and operating parameters.

Percent composition
carbon manganese phosphorus sulfur silicon nickel molybdenum cobalt titanium aluminum iron Boron zirconium
0.03 0.1 0.01 0.01 0.1 18.5 4.8 12 1.4 0.1 the basis 0.003 0.01

Application of

Due to such a variety of useful properties, materials such as maraging 350 are widely used in many industrial sectors. Most often, they are made of structural elements of rocket engines, turbine equipment, and so on. Also, such alloys can be used in the manufacture of various shafts, gears or fastening elements, both for aircraft of various designs and for special purpose equipment, the operating conditions of which are associated with elevated temperatures in the working area and the exposure of aggressive substances to the equipment. The high reliability of equipment made from a unique nickel alloy and its ability to provide a long-term maintenance-free operation even when working in difficult production conditions against a background of moderate cost determines the constant growth of popularity and production of this material.

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