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Molybdenum foil is a very flexible and plastic, easily accepts any form. The addition of cobalt increases its ductility in the annealed condition. High ductility, toughness and strength of molybdenum allow laminating a thin foil, even thinner aluminum. Molybdenum foil is small in coefficient of thermal expansion, high elastic modulus, excellent chemical resistance, which allows its use, including in aggressive environment. The melting point of molybdenum 2620 °C refractoriness, it is second only to tungsten, rhenium, osmium, iridiu. Molybdenum foil retains adequate strength at temperatures of 2000 °C. To 1370 °with its relative thermal strength is higher than that of tungsten. High performance: heat resistance, corrosion resistance, mechanical strength enable the molybdenum foil to work effectively in the toughest industrial conditions. In addition, such foil is biologically inert and absolutely safe to human body, meets all sanitary requirements


The disadvantage is the high production cost of molybdenum foil. Due to the considerable refractoriness molybdenum difficult technological processing. Production it time-consuming, and obtaining it in its pure form is quite difficult. In normal circumstances, this is not enough technological material.


Molybdenum foil is the end product of flat steel. Produced in accordance with the technical conditions TU 48−19−245−84. The foil is rolled to a thickness of 0,02 — 0,09 mm. This foil is made from molybdenum high purity, which contains not less than 99.9% Mo and labeled MCH.

Foil thickness in microns Limit deviation, µm Width, mm Length, not less than
20 ± 3 5 — 70 0.5 m
30 — 60 ± 5
70 — 90 ± 7


Molybdenum foil is most acute in the aerospace and chemical industry, electronics, radio engineering, nuclear power engineering, in the production of vacuum devices, and heat exchange equipment.

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