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Composition is all brass divided into complex and simple. Copper-zinc alloys are double or simple. The composition may contain zinc to 45% and the higher its percentage, the higher the overall strength. Complex alloys doped with manganese and lead, easier processed. Phosphorus increases the hardness. Nickel and tin and corrosion resistance. Silicon and aluminium — strength, but the aluminum reduces the ductility. Iron gives fine grain structure of brass improves wear resistance.


Brass has superior technological properties and much stronger than copper. Brass well soldered, can be welded low-temperature welding. Sheet brass is very high-tech, available to any processing. Ductility, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical inertness, allowed this alloy to take a worthy place in the modern industry. It has a high resistance to wet abrasion, temperature extremes, vibration. It is fire resistant. Easy installation brass parts, aesthetic appearance, long service life and safety — make them popular in many areas. It is important that after recycling brass can be reused.


Due to the unique operational qualities, brass is widely used in many industries, Valuable properties allow to use it in the manufacture of corrosion-resistant parts. From it produce an anchor rebar, pieces of pumps, centrifuges, separators. As safe for human metal, it is widely used in the manufacture of gearboxes, valves, systems gazo — and water supply. good thermal conductivity allows its use in electrical engineering, instrumentation, energy. Brass is used for chemical equipment, parts of aircrafts, ships, creation of combat equipment, printing matrices.


Brass car includes about 200 profiles. Round rental available measuring length. Calibration of hire increases the accuracy of the parameters facilitates the work of automatic lines metal processing. Hexagon produce high and normal precision. Brass rods — semi-soft, solid three degree of precision: high, normal, or high. The most popular brand of brass for the production of circles and hexagons: LS59−1 — (59% cu, 40% Zn and 1% Pb), and L63 (63% Cu, 37% Zn).


Reflected in the marking composition. For example, BOS — brass with lead-based. It has a high resistance in sea water. The alloy of brass and lead are used in the automotive and watch industry. Additives of aluminium and zinc significantly improves the resistance to atmospheric moisture. Marking L63 means that this brass, which contains 63% copper and the remainder is zinc. If zinc more than 20%, the increased brittleness of the alloy. To improve ductility, annealing is applied at t° ≤ 300 °C. single-phase brass is more available for cold deformation, is used for the manufacture of ribbons, wires, tubes. More heat-resistant two-phase brass. It is widely used for mounting fittings.


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