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Due to the high nickel content and alloying of a number of other chemical components, the A286 alloy possesses all the useful qualities inherent in nickel materials. The ability of nickel not only to dissolve a large number of different chemical elements, but also to form «solid solutions» with them, determined its popularity as the basis for many constructive alloys used by modern industry.


The main properties of the alloy grade A286 are determined by the features of its chemical composition. Nickel promotes the formation of a dense oxide film on the surface, which perfectly protects the entire product from corrosion damage. Inclusion in the alloy of a whole complex of alloying additives, such as titanium, vanadium, molybdenum — allows to significantly improve the characteristics of raw materials and ensure the stability of the structure in difficult operating conditions.

Percent composition
carbon manganese silicon chromium nickel molybdenum vanadium titanium aluminum iron Boron
0.08 2.0 1.0 13.5−16.0 24−27 1.0−1.75 0.1−0.5 1.9−2.3 Up to 0,35 the basis 0.003−0.01

In addition to considerable resistance to corrosion, this material has considerable strength and heat resistance, which allows it to withstand high temperatures and stresses during operation without compromising performance. The recommended operating temperature for alloys of this type can reach seven hundred and five degrees Celsius.

Application of

Most often, the alloy A286 is used for the manufacture of structural elements of jet aircraft engines, pumping equipment, turbines or combustion chambers. Also, materials of this type are actively used in the production of particularly strong fasteners, centrifugal type machines, fan blades or turbines. Among the A286 metal products are pipes of different cross-section, sheets, profile products (flanges, fittings), wire, circles and strips. Products can be supplied both after heat treatment and without undergoing this procedure. Requirements for the manufacture of semi-finished products are standardized by Gosstandart, which is the key to their quality production. Products produced from this material are quite diverse both in terms of geometric dimensions and the type of profile section. If the proposed assortment of the standard range does not satisfy the customer, then the option of manufacturing products according to individual drawings and sketches may be considered.

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Acceptable cost of semi-finished products of A286 brand and a wide range of products will allow any buyer to choose the option that will most fully satisfy current requests. High quality of manufacturing and full conformity of production to requirements of the state standard documentation and technical conditions for delivery — that basic criterion which our company adheres in work with clients. Precisely adjusted chemical composition and manufacturing technology ensure high quality and reliability of the products, and reasonable prices and convenient method of delivery is an additional advantage in working with us.