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The manufacture of duralumin wire is regulated GOST 14838−78, chemical composition — GOST 4784−97, the control of structure — GOST 24231−80. The alloy is alloyed with copper (4,4%), magnesium (1.5%) and manganese (0,5%). Copper and magnesium contributes to hardening alloy. Manganese, grinds structure, increases strength and resistance to corrosion. Iron and silicon in the composition of aluminum is an inevitable impurity. Iron is considered a harmful impurity, reduces the strength and ductility. Silicon to a certain extent smoothes the harmful effects of iron. Duralumin wire can be easily processed and welded. Standard cross section — 0,8−4 mm Alloy grade V95 refers to increased strength of the rare metals. To improve chemical resistance of this alloy used in the cladding and anodic oxidation. Produce wire: 1) without heat treatment and plating, 2) naturally aged and hardened, 4) without heat treatment from the technological plating, 3) naturally aged and hardened with technological or conventional plating, Surface after heat treatment must not have signs of burnout. Precision manufacturing is normal, the quality of surface finish standard.


Duralumin wire is characterized by manufacturability, ease of installation, durability. Inferior to aluminum in corrosion resistance. To correct this, the surface of the wire planiruetsya pure aluminum. To hardening — heat treatment used. Due to the annealing increases the ductility. Compared with steel alloys, such wire is much easier, cheaper, more simply mounted.


The manufacture of prefabricated constructions and small parts. Due to low weight and high specific strength, this wire is demanded in transport engineering, construction, where it can be operated under significant load. Compliance with sanitary norms can be used in the food industry,


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