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Due to the high specific strength and exceptional performance, titanium alloys are widely used in transport engineering, heat power engineering, chemical and processing industry, where the production process involves high loads I. aggressive environments. Advantages of titanium alloys is hard to overestimate. Today they occupy a leading position in the ranking of the most relevant materials. Many spheres of industry, owing to such alloys of a new generation were able to improve production processes and to ensure long term reliable operation of the whole complex of equipment. This metal is not terrible temperature changes, fatigue loads, vibration, it is biologically inert, in addition, it is non-magnetic material.

comparative marking titanium grades

Trade name UNS GOST
Ti Grade 1 R50250 VT1−00
Ti Grade 2 R50400 VT1−0
Ti Grade 4 R50700
Ti Grade 6 (5Al 2.5 Sn) R54520 VT5−1
Ti Grade 5 (6AL4V) R56200 VT6
Ti Grade 7 R52400
Ti Grade 23 (6AL4V) Eli R56401
Ti 6Al 2Sn 4Zr 2Mo R54620
Ti 6Al 6V 2Sn R56620
Ti 8Al 1Mo 1V R54810

Ti grade1, GRADE2 TI

This titanium technical purity — easy heat-resistant metal grey tone with t° melting 1668 °C. provides satisfactory coefficient of thermal expansion, low density (4.5 g/cm3), plasticity allows you to stamp items of any shape. The surface oxide film makes titanium corrosion and chemical resistance equal to the noble metals. In sea water the rate of corrosion does not exceed 0.002 mm/year.

The composition of the impurities Ti Grade 2 Dan thousandths of a percent

Method On N C Mn Zr Cr Si Fe Ti
Electrolytic ≤37 ≤4 ≤8 ≤3 ≤1 ≤73 ≤2 ≤9 basis
Method On N C Mn Zr Cr Si Fe Ti
Ideny 30−60 ≤2 ≤1 ≤3 ≤50 ≤2 ≤5 ≤2 basis


Treatment Properties Application
Low plasticity under pressure treatment. UD. the weight of 4.41. Low plasticity and medium toughness. t° melting point of 1000 °C. Al improves the heat resistance and strength, but reduces the manufacturability. It is easily welded. Excellent castability. Fragments of continuously operating at a temperature of 350−400°.


High chemical and cryogenic resistance, plasticity, good weldability, insensitivity to cuts, significant fatigue strength, allows you to use semi-BT series in cryogenic equipment, shipbuilding, machine building, rocket production, aviation, processing industry etc.

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