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Molybdenum is one of those alloying metals, which greatly increase the strength and durability of steel to corrosion. By itself, it is quite flexible. But when doping increases not only the strength but the fragility of the material. It was used in ancient Japan for the production of blades. In modern metallurgy molybdenum was the basis of heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloys. Molybdenum wire and ribbon serve as the heating elements heat the ovens. Salt of molybdenum — molybdate relevant as pigments and catalysts reactions. Molybdenum sulfide is used as high temperature lubricant. Advantages of molybdenum alloys is hard to overestimate. Due to its high operational parameters and process quality, these are widely demanded of modern industry. Many industries, the production process which is associated with action of harmful factors and aggressive environments, such materials of new generation were able to improve production processes and to ensure long term reliable operation of the whole complex of equipment.


Molybdenum is sometimes found in the native form, the Percentage of this metal in the lithosphere of up to 4%. Mining and production it is connected with many difficulties, so its price is quite high. Molybdenum ore inclusions are very poor, and this impedes extraction and processing. In the beneficiation of ore are to be strictly maintained, otherwise the product will remain a large number of unwanted impurities. Because of the exceptional consumer properties of molybdenum for the production of semi-finished products are very often used methods of powder metallurgy. First, the method of pressing of molybdenum powder to form a billet — the so-called Fort. A rod billet is pressed in the initial billet and rolled at high temperature with maximum speed. Used high-precision equipment with application of technologies of chemical protection.


In modern metallurgy molybdenum is difficult to replace for alloying heat-resistant alloys. He gives the alloy resistance, high elasticity, used as a valuable component in the materials for the metallurgical and Metalworking industry. The molybdenum has a minimal coefficient of thermal expansion, narrow the capture cross section for thermal neutrons. The conductivity of the electric current to the molybdenum is better than iron alloys. Strength and heat resistance, it is inferior to tungsten, but tungsten is less technologically advanced and harder to handle pressure. High corrosion resistance makes it relevant in the petrochemical and process industries. Despite the small production volume of molybdenum, the use of modern industry is growing every year. A large part of molybdenum produced are consumed in the steel industry for the creation of particularly resistant materials. Molybdenum compounds have found application in glass making and ceramic production.


Reasonable cost of molybdenum semi-finished products, a wide range of sizes and a great variety of products allows any customer to choose the product that most fully meets all its individual needs. High quality workmanship and full compliance of products with the requirements of the state normative documents and technical conditions for the supply — the main criterion, which adheres to our company in working with clients. Molybdenum rolled from the «_" is reliable and accurate with consistent performance and reasonable prices and convenient delivery method is the additional benefit of working with us.