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Nickel alloys by adding copper and some other alloying components under the name Monel, due to its unique performance characteristics are used extensively by many industrial sectors especially hard conditions of production. Resistance to destruction due to various types of corrosion, high strength parameters and technological properties of alloys of this type to take a leading position in many industrial areas.


Raw brand Monel 405 in its chemical composition slightly differs from its closest analogue with index 400. But even such small differences, like changes in the proportion of sulphur is determined much better the machinability of the alloy, so that the production process of semi-finished products of alloy Monel 405 is characterized by reducing the complexity of manufacture. High Nickel content in the composition of the material explains its inertness with respect to many aggressive industrial environments. After all, Nickel is the guarantor of the formation on the surface of semi-solid film protecting the oxide type, in contact with atmospheric air. All the basic material characteristics are directly dependent on the precision of its chemical composition, both in quantitative and qualitative ratio.

Percentage composition
carbon manganese sulfur silicon Nickel copper iron
0,3 2,0 0,025−0,6 0,5 At least 63 28−34 2,5


The scope of material called Monel 405 is very diverse. Mostly semi-finished products of such raw materials are used for manufacturing various equipment and apparatus operating by contact with chlorinated water, seawater, salt solutions, and corrosive gas environment. High current demand of this alloy in shipbuilding, chemical industry and in the manufacture of equipment for special purposes. Rolling products, wire, circles at the buyer’s request can be manufactured in any size not only in standard sizes. To guarantee the quality of tubular semi-finished products in the final stages of manufacture they are subjected to nondestructive inspection in the zone of the weld. Tight tolerances on all products of this type and the unique qualities of the alloy is made to ensure the reliability and increase the duration of maintenance-free operation of the equipment even in the most demanding conditions. The reasonable price of semi-finished products and the high quality of their manufacture in accordance with the normative documentation defines the increased demand for this product type. Continuous improvement of production process and precise observance of technological modes of treatment allows to obtain consistently high results in the form of high-quality products with guaranteed performance properties.

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