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To the tool steels are alloy brands with a carbon content of not less than 0.7%. They have a high level of hardness, toughness and wear resistance. Melted in open arc furnaces. The basis of the raw materials are iron, chromium and Nickel, the Percentage of alloying elements such as tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium reflected in the marking. Quantitative content in the material such chemical elements as manganese and silicon, usually in the range of 1−2%. Such material may for a long time to work if at t° 1000 °C with no loss of technological qualities.


The main performance parameters of tool steel directly depend on the quantitative and qualitative composition. These steels are resistant to high temperatures (the so-called red hardness): They do not lose their hardness even when the temperature reaches red heat. High iron content significantly reduces the alloy.


Tool steel are the basis of tools for processing of metal, wood, plastics, ceramics: drills, files, taps, chisels, cutters, etc., the Processability and resistance to high temperatures allows you to actively use them in a variety of industries from Metalworking and engineering to the manufacture of mining equipment. Reasonable price, efficient production technology and high product quality, purchased after quenching, make them indispensable in modern industry.


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