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Tungsten foil is a thin sheet with a thickness of 0.03 to 0.09 mm, exceptional thermal stability and resistance to corrosion. Without such material it is impossible to imagine a modern industry. Tungsten foil is able to effectively operate for a long time at a temperature above 2500 degree. It has a minimum coefficient of thermal expansion, high electrical resistance, high modulus of tension and compression, exceptional resistance to thermal creep. It is inert in an oxygen atmosphere to 400 °C, hydrogen to 600 °C, ammonia to 700 °C, carbon monoxide to 800 °C, in concentrated solutions of acids, alkalis, Aqua Regia, boiling mercury. It is intended for operation in aggressive liquid and gaseous environments in conditions of extreme loads at very high temperatures.


For foil production is certified 99.95% purity tungsten. Under normal conditions, technological plasticity of the metal is insufficient, but with increasing temperature — increased without loss of strength. Used «hot-cold» method rolled on precision equipment using the technology of chemical protection. First using powder metallurgy to form the workpiece — the so-called Fort. A rod billet is pressed in the initial flat blank and rolled at high temperature with maximum speed. For protection against oxidation, apply a shell rolling or plating metals. Further rolling of the sheet to a minimum thickness may continue at normal temperatures. The foil has a smooth surface with which the end of the treatment oxides are removed with hot NaOH solution, or by annealing in hydrogen atmosphere at 1000 °C.


Tungsten foil is widely used in various industries, from petrochemicals to nuclear power. Unique performance enables you to apply it for the production of heat shields, parts of burners, heat exchangers. High wear resistance and heat resistance of foil resistance to the action of aggressive environment, allows her to apply where the operation of equipment associated with contact with hot aggressive environments in a wide temperature range.


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