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An alloy of copper and molybdenum cannot be obtained through the classic method of metallurgy is too much of a difference in melting point of these metals, but it is possible using the methods of powder sintering of these metals. Used metallic molybdenum powder high purity stamps MUF production of which is normalized TU 48−19−69−80, or restored molybdenum powder according to TU 14−22−160−2002. Such powder alloys are called pseudoplane. The marking contains information about the percentage of parts. Copper-molybdenum pseudopus MD-40: contains 40% of copper and almost 2/3 of molybdenum. MD-50 contains an equal ratio of copper and molybdenum. Made by powder metallurgy parts should not be delamination, cracks, tears, or foreign inclusions. The starting material for the production of molybdenum-Nickel pseudoplane according to GOST 9722 is a Nickel powder PNK-1L5, PNK-1L6.


Copper-molybdenum pseudoplane have excellent consumer properties — wear resistance, high damping and heat-resistant qualities, minimal coefficient of friction and self-lubricating ability. They have a small specific gravity and excellent heat conduction. Thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity of the material depends on the ratio of the main components and the porosity of the material.


Pseudoplane serve as blanks for the manufacture of tapes and sheets by rolling, as well as the basis of complex-shaped parts. Pseudoplane brands MD-40 and MD-50 have enhanced thermal conductivity, details on their basis are well soldered with aluminum oxide or beryllium ceramics. Compared to copper-tungsten, pseudoplane brands MD-40 and MD-50 is easier, therefore, used in the manufacture of field equipment metal-oxide semiconductors with surface diffusion for radio equipment operating at millimeter and microwave frequencies, monolithic microwave circuits, power supply units, photoelectric containers, packaging laser diodes.

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