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Babbit — fusible alloys slip — usually based on tin with antimony and copper. Are made in the form of ingots. Lead babbits can also be alloyed with tin, antimony, copper. Babbits are also produced on the basis of zinc and aluminium. Sliding properties depend on inhomogeneous structures. In a soft base of tin or lead is included in solid particles which are used to support the parts. This gives a uniform fit of the parts, minimal friction and wear.


Babbit B16 contains lead-based solids, which allows to optimize the sliding quality. It relates to low-melting alloys bearing has t° melting point of 320 °C and increased ductility. The optimum thickness of fill ≥ 1 mm. All lead babbits designed to operate at a higher temperature than tin. Without lubrication the coefficient of friction B-16 is 0.25, and the grease is reduced almost in 50 times — at speeds up to 60 m/sec. Maximum dynamic load ≤ 500 kgf/см2сек, and working temperature ≤110°C. the disadvantages are increased fragility at low temperatures. When vibration and shock loads, the alloy may crumble.


Babbitt B-16 is produced from primary materials in the form of pigs on modern technologies according to GOST 1209−90. The thickness of the fill must be more than 1 mm. the Chemical composition of vkluchaet the basis of lead tin and antimony in amount of 15−17%.


Balanced chemical composition and excellent sliding properties allow the use of B-16 in the heavily loaded motor-axial bearings of ships, diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, etc. equipment of heavy engineering. Such an alloy is poured into the bearings of turbines, remove, crackable, and crank bearings low speed diesel engines, bearings of rolling mills, industrial crushers and mills. B-16 is filled in the support bearings, turbines, ship and stationary steam engines up to 1200 HP, lifts up to 1800 HP, compressors, ≤ 500 HP, generators ≤ 500 kW and motors ≤ 270 kW.


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