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Due to the carefully calibrated chemical composition and percentage content of the main components, precision-type materials are distinguished by a sufficiently high reliability and invariability of operating parameters in a sufficiently large temperature range. There are many varieties of such alloys, each of which has its unique and unique parameters that determine the scope of application.

Characteristics of alloy 47НД

The alloy 47HD (or 47HD-VI, as it is indicated in some sources) has a strictly fixed coefficient of thermal linear expansion. This indicator ranges from nine to eleven units per degree and practically does not change over a sufficiently wide temperature range (from minus seventy to plus four hundred forty degrees). Due to such properties, such an alloy is able to form strong and tight joints with soft glass elements, mica or ceramic semi-finished products. Such a composition deserved great popularity as the main raw material for the production of springs of various hermetic contacts. In addition to this feature, almost all precision compositions have a sufficiently high processability, significant elastic properties and heat conduction parameters. In connection with all of the above, such materials as alloy 47ND are a real bulwark of the development of electrical engineering, radio engineering, energy complex and other branches of modern industry.


Chemical composition as a percentage
silicon carbon iron manganese phosphorus sulfur nickel copper
Up to 0,3 Up to 0.05 47.72−49.5 Up to 0,4 Up to 0.0015 Up to 0.0015 46−48 4.5−5.5
Mechanical properties (at 20 ° C)
Name of the characteristic Numerical value for tape products according to GOST 14080−78
Short-term tensile strength, MPa (ss) 490−610
Relative elongation at break,% (d5) 23
Physical parameters
Name Units Symbol Numeric value
Elastic modulus MPa Ex10 -5 1.5
Measurement temperature ° C T 20
Density Kg / m 3 R 8200
Electrical resistance (specific) Omxm Rx10 9 500

Features of welding

The alloy has limitations on weldability The welding process requires some preliminary preparation (warming the contacting surfaces to one hundred and one hundred and twenty degrees and subsequent heat treatment of the seam zone)
The alloy has no weld constraints No additional operations are required
Hard to weld material It is necessary to warm the contacting surfaces to two hundred or three hundred degrees, the subsequent annealing and heat treatment after the end of the welding process

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