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General characteristics

VT20 refers to the pseudo α-alloys of type Ti-Al-Zr-Mo-V Due to high content of aluminium has a high heat resistance. Under pressure treatment of his adaptability and plasticity of inferior alloys OT4 group. But at the same time VT20 well-deformed at high temperatures. At the high-temperature characteristics of the alloy is second only to the Marche ВТ18У.

Production and use

Made in the form of stampings with thickness up to 250 mm, forgings, rods, plates, profiles and sheets. This alloy is best suited for the manufacture of welded rings from extruded and hot rolled profiles, rolled rings. It is used for the manufacture of wing panels, welded assemblies and components operating at temperatures from 70 to 450 °C for a long time. In the form of shaped castings supplied under the brand name ВТ20Л.

Welding and machining

Alloy VT20 lends itself well to any welding, used for titanium alloys. good weldability to the alloy VTZ-1, OT4, OT4−1, VT5−1, VT6, VT14, ВТ5Л, ВТ21Л. Handles the alloy with annealing. This type of heat treatment only, which alloy can be. It is carried out at a temperature of from 700 to 800 °C. This treatment helps to relieve the work hardening after the operation, which was conducted under pressure.

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In stock, LLC «" in the presence of a wide range of high quality titanium mill products of various alloys in standard and custom sizes. All the party goods have the quality certificate on conformity to requirements of standards and technical conditions. In the certificate marked by the manufacturer, the number of drawings and name parts, alloy grade, number of melt, the mechanical properties of components, the chemical composition and the results of additional tests. Implementation of orders in the shortest possible time. Wholesale buyers are offered preferential discounts.