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The ability of nickel not only to dissolve a large number of different chemical elements, but also to form solid solutions with them, has made it very popular as a basis for important constructive alloys used in many branches of modern industry. The ni-span alloy not only has the advantages of nickel, but also due to the high proportion of iron in its composition is characterized by a moderate price, which positively affects the cost of semi-finished products.


As the main operating parameters, it can be noted good workability of the material. But its corrosion resistance is lower than that of other similar materials. Upon contact with atmospheric air, the surface of the ni-span alloy products is covered with a characteristic oxide film having a reddish brown color. The performance characteristics of the material and the operating parameters are determined by the optimal combination of the balanced alloy composition.

Chemistry in percentage terms
carbon manganese phosphorus sulfur silicon chromium nickel titanium aluminum iron
Up to 0.06 Up to 0.8 To 0.04 To 0.04 Up to 1.0 4.9−5.75 41.0−43.5 2−2.75 0.3−0.8 the basis

Application of

Products from this material are quite diverse both in terms of geometric dimensions and the type of profile section. If the standard size range does not satisfy the customer’s needs, the option of manufacturing products according to individual drawings and sketches can be considered. Given the performance of the ni-span alloy and its relatively low price, it is in high demand in many industrial sectors. Most often this material is used for the manufacture of equipment designed to work at moderate loads.

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A huge selection of products from chromium-nickel alloys, including ni-span, allows us to take into account the wishes of any customer. The convenient delivery and constant attention to the customer will make the purchase at us as comfortable as possible, and the compliance of all semi-finished products with high quality standards will be a guarantee reliable operation of such products on any part of the industrial complex. The varied parameters of the product presented on the stock alloy ni-span makes it easy to choose the appropriate option to implement any nzhenernye plans.