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Brass wire is perhaps the most popular non-ferrous metal. It is made of very different settings In contrast to the copper — brass cheaper and more durable. It has excellent technological properties, is easily mounted, has high temperature resistance. High strength combined with good ductility, High electrical conductivity, namagnichennosti, chemical inertness, allowed this product to take a worthy place in the modern industry. Aesthetic appearance, long service life, reliability, reasonable price — make such a wire is relevant in many industries. It is important that after recycling brass can be reused.


TU GOST Grade Section
48−21−5027−73; 48−21−5063−73; ТУ1845−001 95430−102−99. 12920, 5529−75 2,02, 1066−90, 12920−67. OST 1066. LS 63−3, L68, L80, L63, LS58−2, LS 59−1 0,1 — 12

Chem. the composition of used alloys normalized GOST 15527.

Antimagnetic brass wire is made from alloy Л63А. Welding brass wire — alloy LO60−1, LK62−0.5, L63, ЛКБ062−0.2−0.04−0.5.Electrical wire brand LS58−2 is used in the automotive industry, in the contact pairs of electrical connectors of the nodes.

A method of manufacturing Sectional shape Precision manufacturing Plasticity
drawn — D round — CU; square KV; hex — SHG. normal — N, high — P high. soft — M; semi-solid — P; solid — T


Excellent workability, increased strength and conductivity, namagnichennosti, corrosion resistance allow the use of brass wire in the manufacture of cables, transformer windings, parts of devices sensitive elements of the sensors. It is used during welding of copper alloys, the manufacture of small hardware, nails, screws, etc.


Brass wire depending on the cross section, can be supplied to the coils, the coils, or coils. Get acquainted with the range, specify main features, advantages, the use parameters products you can on our website. The company «_" represents an infinite range of non-ferrous metal. Carried out both wholesale and retail deliveries.

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