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CMH implements at affordable prices carbide inserts made of hard alloy tungsten-cobalt group brands VK6, VK8, ВК10 and ВК60М. Supplier ensures prompt delivery of products at any address specified by the consumer.

Technical characteristics

Hard alloys «Carbide of tungsten-cobalt» (called overseas superalloys) designed to operate in elevated temperatures where required to withstand severe mechanical stresses. There are three classes of alloys that fit this definition: cobalt base, Nickel base and iron. The basis for their development are the working conditions of jet engines, which requires very high operating temperatures. Alloys are also used in gas turbines, space vehicles, parts, chemical equipment, stamping equipment, metal-cutting tools.

The advantages of alloys of tungsten-cobalt group

  • A higher melting temperature than alloys of Nickel or iron;
  • Excellent corrosion resistance in cavitation environments.
  • Excellent temperature resistance and weldability;
  • Excellent wear resistance.

Alloys of cobalt are considered to be austenitic, in the sense that the high-temperature phase stabiliziruemost at room temperature. They harden by precipitation of carbides. Tungsten, as a refractory metal is added to strengthen the solid solution. For strict controls on the elemental composition of the carbides, the technology of vacuum melting.

Powder materials

Powder hard alloys, giving a fine dispersion of carbide and a smaller grain size, possess excellent properties for molding. Recently these materials are also obtained by hot isostatic pressing.

Chemical composition

Carbide grade Tungsten carbide, % Cobalt, %
VK6 94 6
VK8 92 8
ВК10 90 10
ВК60М 60 40

The index M in the name means the degree of dispersion. In addition, the alloy M is added to 0.1% vanadium carbide and 2% titanium carbide.


All solid alloy wolframmathematica group have a very high hardness and brittleness. Therefore, carbide inserts, which are made from these materials are very sensitive to the stresses of bending. Alloy have a good ability to solder, as the solder is usually used copper

Physico-mechanical properties of plates

Carbide grade Tensile strength at bending, MPa, not less Rockwell hardness (scale A), not less Density, kg/m3
VK6 120 88,0 14,6 15,0…
VK8 140 87,5 14,4 14,8…
ВК10 135 87,0 14,2 14,6…
ВК60М 120 87,0 Not less than 14,75


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Supply, price

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