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The silver-gray alloy with metallic luster — Inconel 718 has all the characteristic advantages of nickel alloys. Such a type of raw material is distinguished by high resistance to the development of corrosion processes and associated premature fractures. This material is characterized by considerable heat resistance. It works perfectly with tensile stresses and has considerable resistance to breaking force.

Composition and properties

All the main properties of such raw materials are due to a balanced combination of the chemical elements of the composition. The basis of the Inconel 718 alloy is nickel, and the additional alloying additives in the form of titanium, chromium, cobalt and some other impurities significantly increase the initial operating parameters of this unique material. A durable protective film of oxide type, formed on the surface of semi-finished products under the influence of atmospheric air, reliably protects the equipment parts from premature failure under the influence of unfavorable industrial conditions.

Percent composition
chromium nickel molybdenum cobalt tantalum titanium aluminum iron
19 52.5 3.05 Up to 1 5.13 0.9 0.5 18.5

The weldability of such a material significantly exceeds the performance of similar alloys, so that Inconel 718 is quite successfully used for the production of strong and reliable welded-type structures. In the production process, this alloy is subjected to additional quenching to increase the initial performance characteristics. Such unusual properties of raw materials determine its main sphere of application, and a wide range of products makes it possible to easily implement engineering projects of any complexity. Today, in wide sale sheets and plates, strips, tubular products and circles, and also set of other production of various geometrical sizes are presented. As a rule, semi-finished products from this alloy are delivered after heat treatment in the form of annealing. In agreement with the customer can be hardened products.

Application of

The uses of Inconel 718 are very diverse, but the lion’s share of products is used for the needs of the aviation industry. Due to the ability of the material to withstand significant temperature fluctuations, the highly revolving parts of aircraft engines made of it have proved to be effective and reliable long-term work. Both discs or bandages, and fastening elements, bolts and various gaskets are equally good at dealing with difficult operating conditions during operation.

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