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A short order of foreign special steels and stainless alloys:
  GOST or UNS DIN Wire A circle Sheet Trumpet Forgings
Nickel 200 NP-2   N02200 W.Nr. 2.4060
W.Nr. 2.4066
Nickel 201 NP-2   N02201 W.Nr. 2.4061
W.Nr. 2.4068
Monel 400® Monel MNZhMts 28−2,5−1,5   N04400 W.Nr. 2.4360
W.Nr. 2.4361
Monel 405®     N04405            
Monel K500®     N05500            
Inconel 600® ~ ХН60ВТ ~ EI868 N06600 W.Nr. 2.4816          
Inconel 601® ~ ХН60ВТ ~ EI868 N06601 W.Nr. 2.4851          
Inconel 617® ~ ХН56МВКЮ ~ EP109 N06617 W.Nr. 2.4663          
Inconel 625® ХН75МБТЮ EI602 N06625 W.Nr. 2.4856          
Inconel 718® ~ ХН60Ю ~ EI559A N07718 W.Nr. 2.4668          
Inconel X 750® ХН70МТТЮБ EI598 N07750 W.Nr. 2.4669          
Incoloy 800® ХН32Т EI670 N08800 W.Nr. 1.4876          
Incoloy 800H® ХН32Т EI670 N08810 W.Nr. 1.4876          
Incoloy 800HT® ХН32Т EI670 N08811 W.Nr. 1.4876          
Incoloy 825® ~ ХН38ВТ ~ EP703 N08825 W.Nr. 2.4858          
Hastelloy C22®     N06022 W.Nr. 2.4602          
Hastelloy C276® ~ ХН65МВУ ~ EP760 N10276 W.Nr. 2.4819          
Hastelloy B-2® N70MF EP 49 N10665            
Hastelloy X®     N06002 W.Nr 2.4665          
Maraging C250 / Vascomax 250®     K92890            
Maraging C300 / Vascomax 300®     K93120            
Maraging C350 / Vascomax 350®                  
Rene 41®     N07041            
Multimet N155®     R30155            
Haynes 25®     R30605            
Haynes 188®     R30188            
Waspalloy®     N07001            
MP35N®     R30035            
MP159®     R30159            
Cobalt Alloy 6B     R30006            
Invar 36® 36H   K93600 W.Nr. 1.3912          
Invar 42® 42H   K94200            
Kovar® 29 NK   K94610            
Permalloy® 79NM                
Al6XN®     N08367            
Ni-Span® C902     N09902            
Jethete® M152     S64152            
Alloy A286     S66286            
Alloy 330     N08330            
Delivery form:
  Diameter Length Thickness Width
A circle Φ1-φ300 mm 500−5000mm    
Sheet y / k   700−2000 mm 3.5−28 mm 700−1000 mm
Sheet х / к   700−2000 mm 0.02−3.2 mm 700−1000 mm
wire Φ 0.016−12 mm      
  External diameter Length Wall Note
Trumpet Φ0.5−325 mm 1000−9000 mm 0.05−24 mm The weight of one pipe does not exceed 350 kg

general characteristics

High-temperature alloys have the ability to withstand mechanical stress for a long time and at high temperatures — up to 2000ºC, as well as exposure to aggressive chemical media. Leading qualities: stability of structure, strength, high resistance to creep and fatigue. Such alloys are produced on the basis of iron (Fe), nickel (Ni), cobalt (Co), copper (Cu), aluminum (Al) and refractory metals — tungsten (W), molybdenum (Mo), niobium (Nb) and others.


Inconel (English Inconel) is a kind of heat-resistant alloy, where nickel is used as the basis. It also contains chromium (Cr) — 15% and iron (Fe) — 9%, less often — aluminum (Al), titanium (Ti) and molybdenum (Mo). Alloy-analogues: brands KhN80TBYu and KhN73MBTU. Inconel is widely used as a structural material in the production of jet and gas turbine engines, supersonic aircraft, compressors, devices for the chemical industry, superheaters and other extreme conditions.

Inconel is characterized by a number of its inherent chemical, physical and mechanical properties:

— up to 900 ° C — high impact strength and strength.

— domus 78 ° C — not sensitive to incisions.

— well welded, often subjected to heat treatment.

— resistant to oxidation processes and corrosion.

— Due to work hardening, it is difficult to process — it is subjected to deep, slow cutting using a carbide tool.


Nimonic (from English Nimonic) is another type of Ni-based Ni-based superalloy, which also contains Chromium (Cr), Aluminum (Al), and Ti (Ti). Analogues of the alloy — brand KhN55VMTFKYU and KhN80TBYu.

Nimonik differs from other alloys in its physico-chemical and mechanical properties:

— the heat resistance depends on the% doping.

— has high scale resistance

The melting point is 1310−1390 degrees Celsius.

-The working temperature of the alloy is 1000 degrees Celsius.

— Hot working with pressure is available

— is subject to welding of different types.

This nickel refractory alloy is used as a structural material in the manufacture of parts for jet and gas turbine engines and other components operating in a high-temperature environment. Form release: forgings, sheets, rods and pipes.


Hastelloy (in English Hastelloy) is a common name for high-temperature and corrosion resistant molybdenum and chromium-molybdenum alloys based on nickel. Some grades are doped to 5% by tungsten (W), up to 10% by silicon (Si), up to 2.5% by cobalt (Co), and also by copper, vanadium tantalum and niobium. The domestic analogues of Hastelloy are Х15Н65М16 В and Н70М28Ф. Hastelloy differs high strength, resistance to corrosion and to aggressive media, for example, acids such as sulfuric, hydrochloric, phosphoric, formic acetic. Form release: castings, sheets, rods and wire. Widely used as a structural material for parts in chemical equipment, in motor industry and in the production of aircraft engines.


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