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The use of precision materials of different brands is very diverse. After all, such raw materials with exact correspondence of the chemical composition, regulated by standard norms and complete absence of random impurities, have a number of very useful properties and qualities used in various branches of the industrial complex. Directly the scope of application of such raw materials determines its type and individual characteristics, and high precision of processing and special surface quality is an additional advantage in use.

Characteristics of this alloy

Alloys 32KN-VI are of the type of precision materials for which the coefficient of linear expansion is normalized. This parameter for such raw materials is one and a half units per degree and remains unchanged in a fairly wide range of temperature values from minus sixty to plus one hundred degrees Celsius. Due to its specific features, such an alloy is widely used for the manufacture of parts, which during the processing are supposed to be polished or to ensure quality sealed connections with glass, ceramic or mica elements. The symbolism of «VI» in the marking of the alloy indicates that this material is made by a vacuum-induction method.


Chemical composition as a percentage
manganese silicon carbon nickel chromium phosphorus sulfur cobalt
≤ 0,4 ≤ 0,3 ≤ 0,03 31.5−33 ≤ 0,1 ≤ 0.015 ≤ 0.015 3.7−7.7

Magnetic characteristics

Coercive force (not more than), (A / m) Ns
Magnetic permeability (not higher), (MH / m) Umax
Specific losses (not higher) at a frequency of 50 Hz and a magnetic induction of 1 T, (W / kg) P1,0 / 50
The magnetic induction T (at least), with a magnetic field strength of 100, in magnetic fields (A / m) B100

Weldability indexes

The alloy has limitations on weldability The welding process requires some preliminary preparation (warming the contacting surfaces to one hundred and one hundred and twenty degrees and subsequent heat treatment of the seam zone)
The alloy has no weld constraints No additional operations are required
Hard to weld material It is necessary to warm the contacting surfaces to two hundred or three hundred degrees, the subsequent annealing and heat treatment after the end of the welding process

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Qualitative manufacture with constant control over compliance with the requirements of technological discipline and compliance with the products of 32NK-VI brand with all parameters of normative documentation, as well as low cost of products determine the great popularity of such material for the needs of modern production. Our company represents the whole assortment of such products and ensures constant attention to the needs of each customer, regardless of the cost of his order.